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Our doors can be made in any finish or an exact copy of your original door. Several patented security features have been implemented into the steel structure in your new door which makes it impenetrable and no one will be any the wiser it is a security door. The doors are custom designed and we provide highly detailed drawings to ensure you get the exact product you want.

Security Doors

Certified security doors are high strong security doors that have been specifically designed and tested to withstand attack from various types of tools and implements for varying periods of time. Non certified doors provide basic levels of security, which can be...

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Security Windows

We offer a wide range of highly secure and bulletproof windows which can be used in diverse environments including domestic as well as commercial environments. At Fort Engineering, we have a modern and stylish range of security windows which may...

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Security Panic Room Doors

We are experts at planning, manufacturing and installing panic and safe rooms. Through the construction and installation of highly effective and premium quality panic rooms in your homes and offices, we aim at adding an additional layer of security and...

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26 Feb

Security Doors

Unique structure door consisting of metal profiles and sheets brings out all the difference. Made from steel and dressed in wood so...

16 Dec

Fort Doors

Just like our internal security doors, Fort Doors’ external security doors have a full steel reinforced core which is covered in timber....

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