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Apartment Front Doors

Apartment Security Front Door

Apartment Security Front Door


Airborne sound insulation index: 42 (-1;-4;0-4) dB LST EN ISO 140-3 : 1999
Resistance to repeated opening and closing: 100 000 cycles LST EN 1191:2001
Mechanical strength and tightness of the door: class 4 LST EN 947, LST EN 948 LST EN 949, LST EN 950
Thermal transmittance ratio of the door: W/(m² K) 1.7 LST EN ISO 12567-1
Water-resistance of the door: class 9A LST EN 1027, LST EN 12208
Air transmittance of the door: class 4 LST EN 1026, LST EN 12207
Resistance to wind load: class C5 LST EN 12211, LST EN 12210, 12210/AC

Apartment Security Front Doors for apartment/flat. Steel doors decorated with filling PVC film patterns are used for the security of inside premises. The sash of the door is made from folded steel profiles and external protective 1,5 mm thick steel plating, 50 mm stone wool filling, insulation spacer glued onto the sash of the door and an extra spacer fixed on the jamb (door frame) double insulation.

Panels (MDF) coated with PVC film of various colours are used for the finishing/decoration of the door. The elements of the panel are first of all cut out during the manufacturing process, then each element is laminated separately, and only after that the panel is assembled into an integral pattern. Patterns of exclusive design and forms are created in this manner.

The hinges are with supporting bearings. Stationary tempered pins protect the door from being taken out after cutting the hinges thus ensuring greater security.
The jamb (door frame) is made from folded steel profiles. The metal construction of the sash and the jamb (door frame) are painted with powder paint.